Esthetics Course

Esthetics Quick Facts:

TUITION $6.000.00
DEPOSIT $750.00
MON-FRl 9AM-2:30PM

Enrollments are held on the first Monday of each month.

Class sessions are not held on the following holidays:
New Year’s Day    
Independence Day
Thanksgiving Day
Day after Thanksgiving
M.L. King Day    
Labor Day
Columbus Day
Memorial Day
Washington’s Birthday
Christmas Day   
Classes will not be held on the night before Christmas through January 1st
Classes will not be held on the week of February public school vacation.
Classes will not be held the week of July 4th.       

Esthetics Curriculum (Theory & Practical Instruction)

Massachusetts mandates that esthetics students
receive 600 hours in theory and practical experience.
Anatomy and Physiology
Diseases and Disorders of the Skin
Cosmetic Chemistry Ingredients and Product Knowledge
Sterilization, Sanitation and Bacteriology
Management, Laws, Communication and Ethics
Application of Makeup and Sales Product Knowledge
Electricity and Aesthetics Equipment
Depilation and Waxing,
Eyebrow and Eyelash Tinting
Clinical Practice, Record Keeping, and Treatment
Total: 600

This is a 600-hour program offers specialized training in the following areas:

Waxing including Brazilian
Makeup Application
Lash applications
Brow/Lash tinting
Brow Lamination
Lash lift
Brow mapping
LED Therapy
Hi Frequency
Chemical Peels
Facial massage
Back Facials
Skin Analysis
Hot stone applications
Product knowledge and formulation
Spray Tan
Ultrasonic Skin Scraping device
Ionization Tool
Woods Lamp Analysis

All practical applications are learned in class alongside the theory portion of training

Admission Requirements

Applicants must be 16 years of age or older.  A birth certificate, driver’s license or some form of federal identification card must be provided.


The objectives of this program of study are to prepare students for the State Board of Exam and to provide students with specialized training in all areas of Skin Care.  Students completing the program are well prepared to enter the occupations of: Esthetician, Makeup Artist, Skin Care Specialist, and Skin Line Representative.

The student will receive a Monarch School of Esthetics Certificate of Completion after having successfully completed the required number of clock hours as specified in the catalog and on the contract within, the maximum time frame, pass all written and practice examinations with a 75% average and satisfy all financial obligations to the school.

Tuition and Fees Schedule – Esthetics Course

Tuition and Fees

Registration Fee $100.00
Application Fee $25.00
Tuition $5098.75
Books and Equipment $725.50
Sales Tax  $26.25
Total Cost  $6000.00

Students requiring make-up time beyond the completion date stated on the contract will be required to pay $6.00 per program hour for any hours remaining after this completion date.

Student Aid Programs

Monarch School of Esthetics does not currently offer Title IV funding; however, funds are available through other state funded resources.  The Esthetics Program is appropriately priced to help defray from the cost.  The school does accept most major credit cards, cash and checks and students may customize a payment plan suited to ensure affordability. Also, it does offer a private student loan program through local credit unions.

Method of Payment

Students may pay their total charges in full or they may choose our payment plan.

A down payment fee $750.00 is required at the time of registration.  The remaining balance will be made with customized installments.  Payments are due each week on either Monday or Thursday beginning the first week of class. Student must be up to date with course hours.  Students with payments of more than two weeks late will not be allowed to come to class until they are current on their payments.

Esthetics Kit Consists of:

Applicators, Makeup kit, Brush set, Chemical mixing bowl, Water bowl,     Sharps Container, Wax Strips, Extractor Set, Head bands, Textbook, Workbook, Makeup Cape, 2 Tweezers, 25 pk of spatulas, 25 pk of gloss applicators, 1 pkg of shadow applicators, 25 pk of mascara wands, 1 pkg of lip brushes, pkg of cleansing sponges, 3 lipsticks, 2 eyeliners, 2 translucent powders, 2 cream concealers, 2 mascaras, 3 liquid foundations, 5 cake blushes, 1 lip contour pencil, 1 brow powder, 7 pressed shadows, 1 3piece exfoliating set, 1 liquid cleanser, 1 storage case, 1 half head mannequin for massage
(Contents of the Kits are being updated due to the new board exam procedures, 10/26/2022.)

State board bag consisting of:

Isolation gown, Disinfectant, Hand Sanitizer, First Aid Kit, Paper Towels, Cleanser, Magnifying Glass, Exfoliator, Massage oil, Toner Moisturizer, Wax strips, Tweezers Antiseptic, Sheets Blanket, Towels, Bag and Gloves

While in class student will have access to various skin care products and skin care lines including Halina Andre, Glymed, and Pharma.

Transfer Student Admissions Policy

Monarch School will accept transfer students who meet the qualifications of the school.  Once the student’s hours are verified with the State Board of Cosmetology, they may be applied as such.  The student will be charged for any remaining hours that need to be completed to fulfill course requirements.  All transfer students will be expected to comply with all new student regulations.  All policies and procedures will apply to transfer students as they do to all students.

Monarch School of Esthetics does not recruit students already attending or admitted to another school offering a similar program of study.

Graduate Placement Services

No school or college can guarantee a job for its graduates. However, the School will provide placement assistance for its graduates, consisting of identifying employment opportunities and advice on appropriate means of attempting to realize these opportunities.

Access to Student Records

Students have the right to gain access to their cumulative records by appointment and under the supervision of an instructor. The same applies to the parent or guardian of a student who is still legally a minor.

Student records are confidential. Information pertaining to a student’s records will only be released upon the written authorization of the student or by the minor’s guardian.

Leave of Absence (medical)

Medical leaves of absence are granted by the director and can be up to 180 days in duration with documented proof from a physician. A student who fails to return by the specific return date will be terminated from the program.

Leave of Absence (non-medical)

Leaves of absence, up to 180 days in duration, are granted only by the director of the school and must be in writing at least 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the leave of absence, unless it is an emergency situation.  Only one leave of absence will be granted within the course of study.  Failure to return from the leave of absence by the date originally specified as the return date, will result in the student’s termination from Monarch School of Cosmetology.  There will be a $50 fee charged for termination from the program.


A student who withdraws from the contracted course or fails to complete the training shall have a notice placed in his/her academic file in regard to progress upon the withdrawal from the program.  A student who withdraws from the program and is considered to be making satisfactory progress may reapply to the school for reentry.  

Students leaving the program for a temporary interruption for any reason will return to the program in the same status as when they left.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Monarch School of Cosmetology does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, religion, age, or ethnic origin, creed or color.

Facilities and Equipment

Monarch School of Esthetics is a brand new, modern, air conditioned, well-lit facility with free parking for students and staff.  Within the building, there is a major clinic area consisting of 12 service chairs, 3 brush massage unit for the face, neck and décolletage, body treatments, abrasives and peeling, 2 cold light magnifying lamps, 2 infrared lamps, one unit for iontophoresis and desincrustation, 2 vaporizer machines, one UV sterilizer for complete disinfection of instruments, 1 high frequency machine with electrodes and 1 sink with hot and cold running water and a waxing area complete with pots and a bed.  The classroom for instruction is located adjacent to the clinic. 


Monarch School of Esthetics is licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Board of Cosmetology, 1000 Washington Street, Suite 710 Boston, MA 02114.

Rules and Regulations

1. Students are not permitted to leave the building during school hours.

2. All students must call if they are to be absent from school.

3. Students are not allowed more than 2 days off in a month without a valid reason. After 5 absences, the instructor will do a corrective action plan with the student to determine what course of action will be taken. Continued un-excused absences will result in possible suspension and termination of the student.

4. Absence due to sickness must be proven by a doctor’s note.

5. Day classes start at 9:00 a.m. Students are expected to be responsible and to arrive on time. Any student arriving after 9:15a.m. without contacting the school will sign in for 10:00a.m. If students arrive after 10:00 a.m., they will sign in for the afternoon session at 12:30 p.m. Instructors will do a corrective action plan with students who have excessive tardy issues. Excessive tardiness may result in suspension.

6. Silence is to be observed in the classroom while a lesson is in session. Unnecessary noise in the classroom will not be permitted.

a. Profanity and obscene language will not be permitted.

b. No smoking, eating or drinking is allowed in the classroom or clinic areas (State Board Rule).

c. Anyone caught with alcoholic beverage or other controlled substances will not be allowed in the school. They may be suspended or even terminated for this action

7. Uniforms and shoes are required to be worn at all times. Students wearing soiled uniforms will not be admitted to school. (Uniform standards are set by the school director).

8. Students must observe all rules of personal hygiene, sanitation and sterilization while in school.

9. Textbook and equipment must be with student during any school session.

10.Students without equipment will be sent home.    No

    borrowing of materials and equipment is permitted.

11.Students will be held responsible for their own equipment

    and personal property.

a. Each student should immediately clean and sanitize his/her station after each patron.

b. After all hair cutting, hair on the floor must be removed at once.

c. All combs and brushes must be cleaned and sanitized after each use.

d. All kits must be kept in order and contain an active

sanitizer (weekly kit checks may be done).

12.Students must attend class regularly and pursue the instruction and practice work diligently.

13.All work by student must be done under the supervision of   

    an instructor and with the instructor’s permission. Work is  to be assigned only by instructors.

14.While school is in session, individuals other than students,

     patrons or instructors are not allowed in the school.

15.Students are not allowed to receive telephone calls except

     in emergencies.

16.Lunch breaks are 30 minutes. They will be controlled in the classroom and student will be dismissed by the instructor at the designated time. Lunch breaks can not be given up and used as make up time.

17.One 15 minute break per session will be given at the discretion of the instructor.

18.No student may have any services until Friday’s and then only with permission of the instructor. Any exceptions must be cleared by the director.

19.All purses are the student’s responsibility and the school is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

20.Every patron should be treated with respect, enthusiasm and consideration by each student.

a. No student is allowed to refuse any patron. They will be sent home immediately.

b. Students are to stay with their patron until the patron has been completed. Students are not to leave for lunch or go on an errand.

21.Students’ not meeting the requirements for graduation by  the end of the contracted hours for the program will be scheduled for make-up work not to exceed a maximum time for completion of the course as stated in the satisfactory progress policy.

22.A student will be sent home for the first offence, suspended, and possibly dismissed from school for major infractions of these rules.

Refund Policy

1. You may terminate this agreement at any time.

2. If you terminate this agreement within five days you will receive a refund of all monies paid, provided that you have not commenced the program less the less the application and registration fees.

3. If you subsequently terminate this agreement prior to the commencement of the program, you will receive a refund of all monies paid, less application and registration fees, and the actual reasonable administrative costs described in paragraph 7.

4. If you terminate this agreement during the first quarter of the program, you will receive a refund of at least seventy-five per cent of the tuition, less the actual reasonable administrative costs described in paragraph 7.

5. If you terminate this agreement during the second quarter of the program, you will receive a refund of at least fifty per cent of the tuition, less the actual reasonable administrative costs described in paragraph 7.

6. If you terminate this agreement during the third quarter of the program, you will receive a refund of at least twenty-five per cent of the tuition, less the actual reasonable administrative costs described in paragraph 7.

7. If you terminate this agreement after the initial five day period, you will be responsible for actual reasonable administrative costs incurred by the school to enroll you and to process your application, which administrative costs shall not exceed one hundred, twenty-five dollars or five per cent of the contract price, whichever is less. A list of such administrative costs is attached hereto and made a part of this agreement.

8. If you wish to terminate this agreement, you must inform the school in writing of your termination, which will become effective on the day such writing is mailed.

9. The school is not obligated to provide any refund if you terminate this agreement during the fourth quarter of the program.

Percentage of Enrollment Time
Compared To Total Time
Amount of Total Time
Due to the Program
.01% – 4.9%   20%
5.00% – 25%  25%
25.1% – 50% 50%
50.1% – 75% 75%
75.1% – 100% 100%

Grading System

Program Grading Scale:
Above Average85-94%


Students receive a numerical grade in theory and clinical practice. Grades will be averaged at the end of every nine weeks.  To receive a passing grade, the student must pass both theory and clinical practice with a grade of 75% or better.  A passing grade of 67% is required for attendance.  A passing grade of 75% is required for graduation and eligibility to take the state board examinations.

Students are graded on their practical work as, satisfactory or unsatisfactory.  Evaluation of student’s practical work is based upon 5 standards.  (1) Technique (2) Quality of work (3) Use of work time (speed) (4) Sanitation rules (5) Patron Protection.  Based upon these 5 standards, a series of questions are asked.  Total point value will equal 100%.

Students may retake tests and exams with permission of the instructor until a passing grade is achieved.  Instructors are available for additional assistance.

Students who do not achieve a 75% cumulative average at the end of each nine week grading period will be placed on probation for a period of thirty days.  If after thirty days of probation, the student is still failing to meet the requirements of the school, he/she will be expelled from the school for a 2-week period and a $50.00 re-entry fee will be charged for acceptance back into the program (at the directors discretion) . This fee is in addition to the cost of the program.

Student’s grades will be based on attendance, theory, and practical.

*Refer to the Satisfactory Progress Report for further academy policies.

Scheduled Make Up Time

Students not meeting the requirements for graduation by the end of the contracted hours for the program will be scheduled for make-up work not to exceed maximum time for completion of the course as stated in the satisfactory progress policy.

Required Completion Time

Students must complete the course within the maximum time frame. The maximum time frame may not exceed one and one half times the course length. The course length is the period of time required to complete the course based upon the enrollment status and allowing for no absences.  Course length is the time of enrollment.

Course Hours

The student course hours are calculated monthly. When the instructor gives the student their hours on record, the student will have 10 calendar days to discuss any discrepancy in their hours, with the instructor.